Timaru Model Car Racing Club is one of the oldest slot racing clubs in the UK, founded in the 1950’s when some of the early members worked at the nearby Hornby factory. This factory also became the world famous home of Scalextric

From the earliest, the club catered for scratch builders, often then using model train engines.

Over the years, the club has built a number of wooden routed tracks. This web site contains photos of the 4th (the ‘Margate’ track), located at Northdown Park, Margate. This track moved to a new home at the Swindon Club in March 2009 when Timaru relocated to The Crampton Tower Museum in Broadstairs and commissioned a new track. This is the 6th location for the club (which started nearby in Sandwich, then moved to Worth (1st wooden track), back to Sandwich, then Eastry (2nd wooden track) and then Birchington (highly modified and officially 3rd wooden track) before the move to Margate (4th wooden track) in 1999.

We run both 1/32 and 1/24 scale classes to slightly modified British Slot Car Racing Association rules. Club night is Tuesday from approximately 7.00 p.m. onwards when we run one of four 1/32 classes in sequence; production, F1 (Falcon), Gp12 saloon and sports (with qualifying and race on each lane final format, win from any final) and one Falcon 1/24 sports class.

We have cars and controllers available to borrow and your first nights racing is FREE!!